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No Interruptions Day :)

Last updated on Dec 30 2019

What is No Interruptions Day? See what National Day Calendar has to say 🙂

No Interruptions Day on the last workday of the year sets aside the day to get organized for the new year by cleaning up your workspace without interruptions.

This is the day set aside for cleaning out emails, tossing long-saved memos, and delegating those tasks that, well, just need to be delegated. Clear out those menial tasks that you dread. Get them finished and cleared off your to-do list.

Everyone’s to-do list is different. The very nature of our job dictates what we consider organized and cleared workspace. One career may be facing new regulations while another looks at all new technology to learn. A day without interruption allows us to focus on big things and small.
However, some people use this day to focus hard on those end-of-year tasks that always seem to slip through the cracks. Often these are the details of work one pushes off until the last minute. And today is that last minute.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NoInterruptionsDay
Turn off the phone, ignore your e-mails, close your door, and enjoy the peace of no interruptions for a full day. You can do this, right? When you have reached that goal, use #NoInterruptionsDay to post on social media and tell the world how successful you were!
We’re busy and have no time for interruptions while researching the origins of this day. 🙂


I’ve done a great job of clearing and cleaning but feel quite sure I will not cut off the phone, ignore e-mail, close my door or be completely un-interrupted. 🙂  Make it a GREAT Day!

Happy 2020!!